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5 Tips To Make Your Life Easier As A Working Mom

As a busy working mom who juggles two professions along with the household and kids. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to achieve balance. To also include prioritizing yourself and your health so that you are able to pursue your own dreams and goals. It’s not easy keeping all these things in balance, while also moving forward. Trying new things. Facing our fears and growing into our highest self.

There will be days that test you. Days it all falls apart. And that’s okay too. Because life is messy. There will be chaos, tragedies, highs, and lows. It’s all part of the journey. The journey of our own life and wherever you choose your path to go.

Below I list the five tips I have learned along the way that really help me keep my life in balance. The tips that make it possible for me to be a present mother, partner, career woman, and entrepreneur.

1. Find quality childcare

You can’t have it all, by doing it all, all by yourself! The real CEO badass mindset means you have to delegate out. Not everything is worth your time. You hire out the things that others can do better or just as easily. You hire out what drains you and focus on your strengths. I’m only able to juggle everything because I know it takes a team. I have one around me. Quality childcare is a necessary team member. Your vice president.

2. Get rid of the mom guilt

When I’m with my daughter, I’m there and I’m present. I make sure to schedule in this time. No phone and really tune in with her. We have touchpoints to connect and a bedtime routine that allows time for talks and check-ins. By doing this I silence my mom guilt. I know I’m meeting her needs but also, showing her what is possible. I’m showing her what it looks like to live your life your way and go after your dreams. You have to first find where your mom guilt is coming in from and then find the solution so you are rid of it. I firmly believe there is always a solution.

3. Make a schedule and to-do list

You need this. At the base, you need this. The only way it is possible for me to keep everything in check is by setting reminders, making schedules, and having that to-do list. Not only does the organization make it possible to juggle so much with efficiency. But it also helps me in keeping the commitments I make to myself. Which is so important to your self-confidence.

4. Practice self-care

It’s essential to take care of yourself. The same way you love your child, your partner and take good care of them. That’s the same level you need to take care of yourself. That’s where I hold the bar. I am just as worthy. Just as essential. How do you show yourself love? Self-care! Little by little until you feel it. Treat yourself, praise yourself, talk kindly, take excellent care of yourself, and watch what happens.

5. Prepare the night before

Every single time I prep the night before, I feel accomplished and proud of myself the next day. I have never regretted prepping the night before. Have you? Making the time to do this, always sets you up for success the next day and boosts your mood. You feel less stressed and give yourself the opportunity to appreciate the small stuff around you. Savor the cup of coffee, chat with your loved one or spend a bit more time meditating or looking extra good. All these contribute to a more positive and happier day!

Keeping the balance between you and your family, between work and home is not easy. But I wholeheartedly believe with some support, a sprinkle of help, and the right mindset, it is possible! We really can have it all.

What are some of your best working mom tips?

Looking for more support? Click the link below.

Lucia Romero

Wellness Coach

I help busy working Moms who are looking to heal and find balance as they chase their dreams and tap into their inner badass!

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