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Confidence Building Hacks

Before I share with you my top tips and tricks for building confidence, I would like to address why I think it is so important for a mom to be confident.

We all want the same thing for our kids, right? We want them to grow up to be successful, happy, and fulfilled. We want them to find love and live their dreams.

Did you know confident people report being happier, are more likely to succeed in life, and have better mental health?

That’s what makes confidence so important. It gives you the skills and coping methods to handle setbacks and failures. And if things don't work out at first, confidence helps us try again! It affects every area of your life, including work and your relationships.

You can want confidence for your kids. You can tell them they are wonderful and how much you love them every day. You can boost them up to the moon and back. But the truth is, these kids don’t tend to listen. But they do watch.

They do mirror our behaviors.

We have to show them and lead by example, as their mom, be that confident woman. Show them you love and believe in yourself. Make it the norm as they are growing up. Practicing self-care and radical self-love, perfectly imperfections and all. Teach them confidence is possible and achievable. You just have to actively work on it. Build it up.

Many experiences in this life can damage your self-confidence. Leaving you with big scars and full of doubt but it’s possible and worth it to put in the effort to build it back up again.

Here are my top tips for building confidence:

1. Eliminate all negative self-talk!

Self-talk is what you say to yourself, in your head. It is the monologue running through your mind throughout your day. Think about it, you are the most influential person, in your own head! At the end of the day you are the one who decides what to accept and what to reject. You are what you believe you are! Change the narrative, switch up the mindset and become your own biggest fan and supporter. It’s possible to strengthen these neuropathic connections in your mind and weaken the negative ones currently running on repeat.

2. Watch your body language!

Be mindful of your posture, hold your head high, shoulders back and make sure to use eye contact. Dressing your best so you feel your best goes a long way too. The way you present yourself to the world is the way you will be treated.

3. Do what scares you!

You gotta feel the fear but do it anyway! Keep moving forward out of your comfort zone. This is where real confidence is forged. The more you push into the fear, the prouder you get, the more your confidence grows, and the easier it gets. But beware! Whenever you are trying something new or different, your mind will try to hold you back. This served a purpose in the past. To keep you alive and safe. But now, it is keeping you stuck and comfortable. Real growth and confidence building requires you to move past the comfortable and safe zone. It requires you to push into the fear. Feel the fear but do it anyway.

And last but certainly not least. My biggest confidence booster is:

4. Keep promises and commitments you make to yourself!

Did you know that whenever you tell yourself you are going to do something and you don’t do it, not only are you letting yourself down, but you are also lowering your confidence? You are lowering the trust you have in yourself. So how about instead of making these big statements and goals, make small ones and see them through. Watch how as you keep doing this, your confidence starts to grow! You trust your word to yourself so your build trust and confidence in yourself.

Raising your confidence is not only possible but essential to a life of happiness and success. It takes a little work every day but the more you practice, the more action you take, the more it grows. Start visualizing and showing up as your most confident self and watch the magic start to happen.

Did I miss anything? What helps boost your confidence?

Need some extra help boosting your confidence and taking action? That’s what I am here for. Let’s book a FREE 15-minute consult and chat about how I can help you.

Lucia Romero

Wellness Coach

I help busy working Moms who are looking to heal and find balance as they chase their dreams and tap into their inner badass!


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